Make a 3D Printed Circuit Board

May 14, 2016

Every new circuit you make, needs testing. This can be done using PCB’s. Making your own PCB, traditionally, needs Copper plates, Etching, and some very dangerous chemicals. With the introduction of technology, this process is now extremely easy, safe, and can be done in the comfort of you own home.

To start off, we introduced the participants to 3D printing, essentially covering the different materials used, and the process involved in using a 3D printer. We covered all the components of a 3D printer, moving to the process of designing in 3D. There are a range of free tools available online, to design in 3D, and are user friendly for absolute beginners too. Once this was done, we showed how to design a simple circuit board. Combined with our previous workshop, these workshops are taking the community one step closer to building their own smart home through open source materials.