Make a DIY Sound VU Monitor

Apr 30, 2016

Noise pollution is something that affects every industrial area, near major traffic zones, or even the airport. After sometime, your ears may grow accustomed to certain levels of sound, which may not be good for you. Sound or Noise can be easily detected and measured. In fact, it can be visualized extremely easily too. This visualizer can be used to check sound levels in the room of a sleeping infant, or used by senior citizens to visualize sounds, if they are unable to hear.

Using no coding, simple electrical connections, and absolutely no moving parts, we showed our community how easy it is to put together a circuit to make a simple Sound Monitor that is highly sensitive. It displayed the results on an array of differently coloured LEDs, and can be modified to send out a signal through any mode to trigger a notification of some kind – whether in hardware, or code.