Let’s make your Idea, a Reality

This could be the community, working on your idea!

The Assembly is looking for some cool projects to build. Projects that WE will build together with the community – from scratch. Right from design, to building hardware, coding the software, and assembling it. These projects will be part of our “Community Showcase” at The Assembly for the years to come.

If you have ever had an idea that needed more than one person to build, or were unsure how to go about making it real, suggest it to us. Fill in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/uFJMm9IKPCpVbOtl1, and once we have the ideas, then we will let the community decide which project we build together. It will be exciting – all you need to do is bring the concept, and volunteer to be a part of a project that we shortlist. The Assembly will provide everything else – the tools, the materials, the expertise, the space!

Regular updates will go out on the forum, and on social media, while documenting the process. Once the project is complete, the outcome will be proudly displayed on our showcase, to all the new visitors of the lab!

So, what are you waiting for? Fill this form and submit your ideas, and it could just be our FIRST BIG Community project.